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Happy @Work?

4 Keys to Happy @Work

We invite you to read CAUSE!, it is a “how to” on creating a long-term dopamine fix @work and a “how to” on attracting and keeping great talent, regardless of age, gender, etc.!





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Is Culture Soft?

No, Culture is Hard!

3 minutes on the ROI of Culture and the long term proof that culture shows up on your balance sheet.

We invite you to order CAUSE, it documents the ROI of Culture. Now available nationwide in bookstores and online.

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Grow ROI

Grow Your Brand

Mth Degree is a brand strategy and marketing agency that specializes in building meaningful brands with purpose, promise and profit. Here is an excerpt from their article about brand evolution and our purpose-driven economy:

There are profitable advantages to building a CAUSE/purpose-driven brand/business:

  • Customers will be more loyal in repeat purchases
  • Customers generate more referrals to your brand
  • Your products and services can carry a higher price point
  • Word of mouth marketing and viral marketing is more common and effective
  • Valuation of your company can be significantly higher (One example: Razer Electronics became a $1 billion company on Fortune’s Unicorn List)

Click here for a link to the article by Mth Degree


CAUSE! has already sold nearly 20,000 copies. It is now available at Barnes & Noble, local bookstores, airports and Amazon. You can also purchase CAUSE! for your team at our preferred bulk rate.





Driving Success

Starts With You!

Really GOOD insights on leadership, culture and what it takes to continuously improve. We have been fortunate to work with Mehran Assadi and National Life for 5 years. This company has inspired a movement and they are improving Middle America. Their story of success and social impact is one ALL industries can borrow from and is highlighted in this great article by Louis Efron on Forbes.com.

As of this week, CAUSE! is available in stores nationwide. Read CAUSE! and learn how to stand out in your industry through leadership, engagement, and making a difference. Order multiple copies through our online store.

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Looking For Great Talent?

Become a Magnet!

Top talent gravitates to companies that inspire them and offer products and services that respond to a higher calling.

Here is PROOF, it’s real! Listen to the ROI of consistency, authenticity and being purpose AND profit driven. Great Talent is drawn to performance AND purpose. In CAUSE!, we show you how to grow purpose, improve leadership and engagement. Mehran Assadi, President & CEO, says, “It’s a quick and impactful read!”

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