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What Makes a Great Leader?

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There’s no shortage of books, articles and studies offering advice on how to become a great leader. However, many of them beg the question: How do you measure who is a good or bad leader? What about them makes them loved or loathed, respected or rejected, favored or feared?

Glassdoor’s latest research study, What Makes a Great CEO? provides a new statistical analysis of leader approval ratings and offers a unique and direct measure of Leader/CEO quality from the perspective of those who work most closely with them: company employees. Bottomline, employee opinions and votes matter.

So what are the criteria that make a Leader/CEO great?

Company culture matters: Having an engaged workforce is an essential driver of leader/CEO approval, according to Glassdoor.

  • The study shows the statistical impact of company culture, company financial performance, and certain CEO characteristics on Leader/CEO approval ratings for a sample of large, publicly traded companies in the United States.

Work-life balance is an exception: Interestingly, Glassdoor found that low satisfaction with work-life balance predicts high CEO approval. Although most employees value work-life balance, the data show that they’re willing to sacrifice it in exchange for a visionary leader. Another possible explanation for this finding is that employees who are inspired by a great leader and who believe they are working toward a higher CAUSE! may be more willing to sacrifice work-life balance, while simultaneously expressing a high approval rating of their Leader/CEO.

It’s OK to Give Up…

…things holding you back


Start today! Say, “No!” to these 10 demons for the next 30 days and see if your attitude, perspective, and performance change.










An innovation that will change your next physical

Empathy Drives Innovation

We recently attended an event introducing the Vscan, an innovation that just might save your life! Attached is a white paper we wrote outlining it’s potential impact on your future. Enjoy.


Listen to the Whisper

It Speaks the Truth

Does your dream shout? Or is there a whisper coming quietly, but persistently, from within that is worthy of your attention and action?